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Did You Know... Jimmy McCulloch,Wings Second Lead Guitarist Was only 22 When He Joined The Band ?
Did You Know...Joe English Wings third Drummer Had His Own Band In The 1980's.They Were A Christian Rock/pop Rock Band,With Joe on Drums & Vocals. Calling Themselves,"The Joe English Band".They put out 7 albums.Follow link for discography. http://www.christianmusicarchive.com/artist.php?id=133
Wings First Live Show At Nottingham University Feb. 9 1972,You Purchased A Ticket For 50p = .33cents.
Wings' early single 1972's release Hi Hi Hi  was banned from broadcast by the BBC. The BBC, concerned that the 'Hi' referred to was a drugs-high, were further alarmed when they received an incorrectly typed transcript of the song's lyrics. Instead of "lie on the bed and get ready for my polygon," the incorrect lyric read "lie on the bed and get ready for my body gun."Did'nt matter though,DJ's played the flip side,and Hi Hi Hi still made #3 in the U.K.
"Wings Over America" tour of  1976 set a new world record for a stadium concert - playing to 67,000 people at the Seattle Kingdome.
Jimmy McCulloch Wings Second Lead Guitarist,Died In 1979 At the Age Of 26.His Death Is Said Was Caused from A Coronary Due To Morphine And Alcohol.Some Accounts Rule His Death From Heroin Overdose. R.I.P. Jimmy,you were good!
Dear Friend, a track on the Wings Wildlife album, was written by Paul about John Lennon . It was said to be a make up song about him wanting to just have a glass of wine with John and make it up between themselves.I think John saw things differently though,have a listen to Lennon's song,"How Do You Sleep".
During the Wings period,71-79 Paul McCartney was awarded 27 gold records certified by the Recording Industry Association of America.
Paul has been arrested twice for possesion of marijuana.First in Sweden in 1972,then again in Tokyo in 1980.The later ending the Japan tour before it ever began.
The Wings 1977 single release "Mull Of Kintyre" was the biggest selling single in U.K. history.Up Till 1985's,"Do They Know It's Christmas" .
One Of Jimmy McCulloch's Previous Bands include "Thunder-
clap Newman".He was not  quite 17 when the group was at the #1 spot in July 1969 with the song,"Something In The Air".
Geoff Britton,the groups second Drummer was only with the band for 9 months.He is remembered most noteworthy for drums on the single "Juniors Farm" released  Nov.1974 the song went to #3 in the U.S.One Of My Personal Favorite "WINGS" Songs,and the best lineup with Jimmy Muccollch.
After Leaving "Wings" In Late 1977,Drummer Joe English Joins the Band "Sea Level".Containing some ex-Allman Bros. Band Members.He then turns up in 1980 Forming The Joe English Band.
Denny Laine Was  Once Part Of "Ginger Bakers Air Force"?This Was After Gaining Fame With The "Moody Blues",
And Before Joining McCartney In 1971 With The"
Ram"Album.Ginger Baker Was The Drummer From
The Group,"Cream"With Eric Clapton. 
Paul McCartney Has 60 Gold records,The most held By Any Artist,42 With The Beatles,17 With "Wings" And One With Billy Preston.
Geoff Britton went on to play with Manfred Man from 1978-1980.Geoff was with Wings For approx. 9 months in 1974.Through the Wings Nashville period,and into the early recordings of the Venus and Mars album.
Remember The Mid 1970's Episode Of Saturday Night Live,In Which Lorne Michaels Offered the Beatles $3000.00 To Come Down And Perform? Well,At That Time,Paul Was In New York At The Dakota With John Watching The Show Live. 
During Jimmy McCulloch's time with wings.Jimmy would write and sing two songs,"Medicine Jar" and "Windo Junko". Both songs were "anti-drug" songs, ironically.
Wings had 12 top-10 singles (including one #1) in the United Kingdon and 14 top-10 singles (including six #1's) in the United States. All 23 singles credited to Wings reached the US Top 40 (and one single, "Juniors Farm"backed with"Sally G", reached it with each side).
Of the nine albums credited to Wings during the group's span, all went top 10 in either the UK or the US, with five consecutive albums topping the US charts.
The Song "Too Many People" from the 1971 Ram album has the line,"Too Many People Preaching Peactices".Paul admits,yes this was about John and Yoko probubly In regards to their week long bed in for peace held in Toronto Canada.  

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